Council & Administration

Councillor, Daniel Big George

Daniel Big George born in Winnipeg, MB on July 12, 1985. My mother is Verna Big George. I was raised off-reserve in Winnipeg where I obtained my 2-year diploma in Aboriginal Self Governance. Following this, I got a degree in Political Sciences and Indigenous Studies. After that, I moved to our community where I was hired as the AON Education Director. Initially, my plan was to gain experience as a director and seek employment in Winnipeg. Through my work as the Education Director, it encouraged me to continue working for my community in a capacity as a Councillor. So, I ran for Council in 2017 and I won the election. My goal as a Councillor is to fight for the preservation of our language and culture. I would also like to focus on our governance, more specifically our laws and policies.

Contact information:

Email: danbg@naongashiing.ca
Phone: (807) 488-5602 ext. 230