Land Code for Community Vote

Land Management

The draft of the Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing Land Code is completed. The Band Members will be asked to vote on this document and the Individual Agreement between Canada and Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing. Although Land and Resources Management is complex, the vote really comes down to one simple question: do you want Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing to manage its own lands under the Land Code?

Community Vote

The question on the ballot will ask:

Do you approve:

  • The Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing Land Code
  • And the Individual Agreement with Canada

On the Ballot you will only have 2 choices:


If you vote YES this will mean that Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing will manage its own lands under the Land Code.

If you vote NO this will mean that indian Affairs will continue to manage Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing Lands. This is how Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing lands are currently being managed.

Vote by Mail or in Person

Prior to the vote, we will mail out information packages that contain the following documents:

  • a Voter Registration Card;
  • a pre-paid postage return envelope;
  • a Notice of Vote;
  • a copy of the Land Code;
  • a Summary of the Land Code;
  • a Summary of the Individual Agreement;
  • a Summary of the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management; and
  • a Summary of the First Nations Land Management Act.

You can access some of the information by selecting the links. 

Land Code

Community Ratification Process Document

If you are unable to attend the polls in person please fill out the Registration Card and a mail in ballot package will be sent to you.

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